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Images – Use In Any Project for Free and With NO Restrictions.

Good Friday afternoon readers.

There is a constant struggle between the need for images to use in projects and presentations and the legal and ethical blocks pertaining to copyright and plagiarism.   It can be difficult to understand the various rules that govern which images can be used for which purposes and when and how much credit is given to the originating source.

I came across this resource and wanted to share it with you in hopes of helping with this problem, if only a little.  The site isOpenClipArt.org.  I know, I know… clip art has a bad reputation.  But used well, it can add valuable visual information.
OpenClipArt.com is an open community that is founded on the idea that images contributed to the site are free to use with zero restrictions (under the least restrictive Community Commons rules – Public Domain).

As a community developed resource, you must remember to be an open-minded, forgiving user.  Don’t expect a polished professional user experience, but do appreciate the discovery process.

I recommend you start by looking around the home page, then going to the Collections button to see the downloadable collections.  I found it very useful to go to their FAQ Page where I discovered even more information under the How to Download tip.

Happy Trails


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