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3Q – 3 Quick Questions Project


Google Apps VS> Live@EDU

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Please note that some survey participants chose more than one answer
“Computer” from The Noun Project collection
“Disapprove”from The Noun Project collection



 YouTube For Schools Setup Success Rate

The survey (closed) http://www5.esc13.net/thescoop/instructionaltech/youtube-for-schools-success-tracking/

The results – http://www5.esc13.net/thescoop/instructionaltech/youtube-for-schools/  click on the Report link

Use this data to help your district decide if YouTube for Schools is a good option for unblocking YouTube safely.   NOTE: In order to successfully integrate OnTRACK EOC intervention and acceleration resources in your four core curriculum high school classrooms,  YouTube will need to be allowed.  (See OnTRACK 3Q below for more details)




Use the infographic below for more information about how districts are using OnTRACK within their schools.  Specific information can be gleaned on the numbers of students uploaded in Region XIII districts .  In order for students to enroll in and use OnTRACK courses, they need to be copied into the district’s Project Share corner.

The infographic below gives some information concerning favorite apps for intervention that teachers use in their classroom instruction.

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