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Smart History – Multimedia Textbook for Art and History

Readers, Please pardon me if I geek out a little in this post, but I was notified of a resource that combines three great educational passions of mine and I simply must share.  Those three passions are: Art History Kahn Academy I was an Art Major and I taught History.  I also find the Kahn […]

New Release: Fine Arts Teachers – This One’s For You. Project Share has Fine Arts Curriculum and Integration Resource

So to my great delight, I discovered that the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts provided a brand new, thirteen part video based PD series in iTunes U Texas. This content is free and very good.

The series started on March 29th of this year and already has eight topics published. There are four sections on assessment, two on drama, two on music, one on art curriculum, one on dance, one on music, one on theatre and one on fine arts for all students.

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