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Digital Storytelling

Humans construct meaning through storytelling. We relate to others through stories, and the stories we tell reveal our priorities as individuals and as groups. We explain our understanding of history, science, economics, love, social status – everything – by telling stories that can be shared and passed down. We learn through stories and stories allow […]


Flipping your classroom?  Using tutorials? Have iPads?  Here’s a great brand-spanking new resource from TechSmith.  As of right now, this is a free app for iPad only.  Find out more at the Ask3 website: http://ask3.me/ How might you use this in your classroom?  How might students use this with each other?

A Teacher’s Guide to Google Drive for the iPad

Greetings, we wanted to share this with you.  We use iPads and Google Drive here at ESC 13 and found this helpful. Google Drive for iPad by richardbyrne

iPAD Management? Configurator To Roll-Out iOS Devices To Your Users

“Apple Configurator is a new free tool that let’s you manage iOS devices in business or education settings. The app can be used simply as an initial deployment tool or as an ongoing management solution. It’s particularly well suited to environments where iPads and other iOS devices will be shared among multiple users since it can be used in “lending library” fashion with users checking out devices because Configurator backs up user data on check-in and applies to a new device on check-out.

Join us after school next Monday for a special treat….

iDevices Webinar – Locally Hosted, Free To Attend

Region XIII Instructional Technology is thrilled to host a free webinar on January 23rd, 2012 (4:00pm-5:00pm) featuring technology super star, Carl Hooker, Director of Instructional Technology in Eanes ISD. Join us as he demystifies and informs us on best practices for integrating iDevices (iPads, iPods, Apps) into schools. Carl has been working through the challenges surrounding this topic for a long time and has some excellent “lessons learned” to share. He is recognized widely by most as an authoritative voice on the topic and has presented at state-wide technology leadership forums and more.

Additionally, some information will be given about Apple’s latest announcment on iBooks

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