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Teaching with Aurasma

For our last post before the May ICN, we wanted to give you a view of real folks using this in teaching.  Check out this video of practical applications of Aurasma in your classroom from YouTube users TexanTutorialsGov. They offer augmented reality applications for economics, history, math, showcasing exemplary student work, and more.

Student Access tp Digital Learning Devices [InfoGraphic]

Download the PDF of this InfoGraphic at http://digitallearningnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/DLN-Smart-Series-Infographic-1-Final.pdf

Science Safety for High School – Region XIII Professional Development Starts Today

Announcing the availability of “ESC 13 Science Safety for High School” online professional development course.

This course is for teachers in the ESC Region XIII area. Contact your Service Center for access if you are outside ESC Region XIII.

QikPad – Free and Easy Co-Authoring

This tool is just too cool not to blog about. It has all the things I like about instructional technology: free, easy, no accounts required, collaborative, sharable, save-able, embeddable, and has almost no learning curve.

RTI and Enrichment in Project Share – Great Starting Place for District or Campus PLC In Project Share

The Texas Center for Student Success (TCSS) has released a free online course for teachers called “Improving Student Performance-Best Practices in Intervention and Acceleration”. It is designed as a self-paced learning, but it strikes me as an excellent resource to include in collaborative learning at a district, campus or team level.

Filling the Gaps with High Quality, Free, Ready-Made Instruction Videos

Filling the Gaps with High Quality, Free, Ready-Made Instruction Videos Recently, I have been reflecting on the challenge of teaching a vertically aligned curriculum. Alignment can be the spotlight that shines an uncomfortable light on student learning gaps. Repeatedly teachers have expressed a sense of helplessness when they discover these gaps in students learning.  Students often […]

3 Ring Binders in the Digital Age: Your Curriculum is Online, Your Resources Should Be Too

Everyone agrees that the role of technology is to help solve problems for educators. In years past, technology helped solve the problem of too little information and too few resources. However, in doing so, a new problem challenges educators and students: too much information and too many resources. In those by-gone years, teachers and students assembled paper based and digital resources into binders and onto CDs or thumb drives. Sharing and updating was limited, at best. Today, teachers, administrators, support staff, and students encounter volumes of text and multimedia content as they browse the web for information. Selecting, categorizing and sharing digital resources in an organized way can lead to clunky, messy, and difficult to manage solutions. Creating binders to sit on bookshelves is just such an example. What once worked is now inefficient.

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