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Digital Storytelling

Humans construct meaning through storytelling. We relate to others through stories, and the stories we tell reveal our priorities as individuals and as groups. We explain our understanding of history, science, economics, love, social status – everything – by telling stories that can be shared and passed down. We learn through stories and stories allow […]

Instructional Technology and the Elementary Classroom – March 8th, 2012

Hello readers, We heard from the field that you wanted professional learning options for instructional technology that focused on the needs of K-5 elementary level. So, I wanted to be sure you were aware of this upcoming workshop opportunity. The workshop focuses on the integration and building of 21st Century skills within any elementary classroom.  Various […]

QikPad – Free and Easy Co-Authoring

This tool is just too cool not to blog about. It has all the things I like about instructional technology: free, easy, no accounts required, collaborative, sharable, save-able, embeddable, and has almost no learning curve.

3 Ring Binders in the Digital Age: Your Curriculum is Online, Your Resources Should Be Too

Everyone agrees that the role of technology is to help solve problems for educators. In years past, technology helped solve the problem of too little information and too few resources. However, in doing so, a new problem challenges educators and students: too much information and too many resources. In those by-gone years, teachers and students assembled paper based and digital resources into binders and onto CDs or thumb drives. Sharing and updating was limited, at best. Today, teachers, administrators, support staff, and students encounter volumes of text and multimedia content as they browse the web for information. Selecting, categorizing and sharing digital resources in an organized way can lead to clunky, messy, and difficult to manage solutions. Creating binders to sit on bookshelves is just such an example. What once worked is now inefficient.

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