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Project Share Update 4 – Online High School Course Offering in Project Share: Earth To Space

 (Online High School Course) First, thank you for the huge response and for those who registered for this blog.  This update addresses the first fully online course available for your students in the Project Share / Epsilen environment.  As the time approaches for schools to start creating student accounts (option opens this month), you may […]

Project Share Update 3 – End of Course (EOC), OnTrack and Your Next Steps

Learning experiences and online courses are rapidly populating Project Share and growing in number. A growing set of courses is aimed at  End of Course (EOC) Prep.  Teachers can start using these courses and resources with high school students right now – as direct teach, and then with student accounts.  The Epsilen platform is almost […]

Project Share Update for Region XIII – Topic 2. TEA Provided TEKS Professional Development – Release Updates

Free professional learning courses are being released to Texas teachers at an increasing rate through the Epsilen platform in Project Share.  (Learn more about your login here) Teachers receive notification from their Service Center when a course is ready via e-mail or listserv.   You will need to be able to log in to Epsilen to […]

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