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June/July “Need To Know” Staff Update One Page Handouts Ready

 June  and July Need to Know Staff Handouts (PDF) are ready.  The handouts are one page quick updates that can be duplicated and distributed to staff members.  Each contains important news and resources concerning Project Share from the State (TEA) and from ESC Region XIII.  There are four in all starting in May.  To access them, […]

State-Wide Collaborative Group in Project Share

Greetings, I wanted to bring to your attention a Group in Project Share that may interest many of you. It is called “Project Share Collaborative”. The group is organized by Epsilen’s Paula Murray. She states: “This is a collaborative group for Texas educators to share documents, ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, problem-solve, and more – all […]

Do You Use Rubrics? Find Them, Make Them, Share Them in Project Share

With Project Share, you may create as many Rubrics as you wish and use them in any Epsilen course Lessons or Epsilen Learning Matrix Templates that you create. You also control who has access to view and/or bookmark your Rubric by sharing it with no one, with specific certified faculty members, with members of your institution only, or with all Epsilen members

Project Share: Ultra-Important Update – Please Share This With Everyone

If you change school districts within Texas, you should take action on step one below AND also notify the Project Share contact(s) at the district you are moving TO and alert them that you have an account ready to transfer and NOT to construct a new account for you.

Student Accounts in Project Share: It’s Time!

As promised, this week TEA opened the Epsilen tools in the Project Share initiative for student enrollment. We received some supporting information at the Service Centers to help with question and answers, but the recent “To the Administrator Addressed” (TAA) letter that was sent directly to school district leaders has the best explanation of this important next step.

Project Share Update: Algebra Readiness – MSTAR Academy and Related Explained on iTunes

This just in…  yesterday, May 3rd, a new video was released via the Texas Education section of iTunes U K-12 that clearly explains the MSTAR Academy professional learning for grades 5-8 mathematics. To access, go to www.projectsharetexas.org and click the “Available on iTunes” icon on the left.  This will launch iTunes (if installed) and take […]

Project Share Student Accounts: Steps Forward

Hello everyone. As you patiently wait on more information to come down concerning the addition of your students to Project Share/Epsilen, I wanted to give you this update.  I was recently informed that TEA is hosting a session for those of us at the Service Centers to learn what we need to know to get […]

Two New Handouts – Need to Know Information and High School Math Intervention Strategies in Project Share

Today I added two handouts to the Region XIII Project Share Corner* for you to access and distribute as needed.  The first is an April digest of the top things you Need-To-Know about Project Share this month.  The second is a very helpful summary, compiled by our secondary Math Specialist, Alyce Stiles http://www.epsilen.com/astiles2 that neatly […]

Urgent Update: Connections 2 Project Share Grant is Cancelled – Does NOT Effect Project Share

It is important that you know that this is related to the Project Share initiative in name only, and the funding is completely separate. Therefore, this does not impact Project Share efforts.

New Science TEKS Overview Grades K-12 Training in Project Share

SCIENCE TEACHERS and ADMINITRATORS The Science TEKS Overview Grades K-12 Course is available for all teachers and administrators to access.  Free – of course. Access it here –> http://www.epsilen.com/crs/1115128 In this self-paced course, you will examine the new 2010 science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and explore models of vertical alignment designed to strengthen knowledge […]

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