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A Teacher’s Guide to Google Drive for the iPad

Greetings, we wanted to share this with you.  We use iPads and Google Drive here at ESC 13 and found this helpful. Google Drive for iPad by richardbyrne

iPad Video Editing App – Free for Limited Time

Hello readers.  I was informed of an iPad app that I think you might want to hurry and get. It is free for only a limited time.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pinnacle-studio/id552100086?mt=8 Pinnacle Studio is a pretty robust video editing suite and seems very easy to learn to use.  I can imaging classrooms of students using the camera feature […]

iPAD Management? Configurator To Roll-Out iOS Devices To Your Users

“Apple Configurator is a new free tool that let’s you manage iOS devices in business or education settings. The app can be used simply as an initial deployment tool or as an ongoing management solution. It’s particularly well suited to environments where iPads and other iOS devices will be shared among multiple users since it can be used in “lending library” fashion with users checking out devices because Configurator backs up user data on check-in and applies to a new device on check-out.

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