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October Project Share updates for you…

Greetings readers! My apologies for the delay between posts recently.  Start of the year urgent work kept me away from this updates blog.  Some important Project Share news for you… There have been a few notable changes to the interface.  When you log in, you no longer see the scrolling list of visitors and faces […]

Do You Use Rubrics? Find Them, Make Them, Share Them in Project Share

With Project Share, you may create as many Rubrics as you wish and use them in any Epsilen course Lessons or Epsilen Learning Matrix Templates that you create. You also control who has access to view and/or bookmark your Rubric by sharing it with no one, with specific certified faculty members, with members of your institution only, or with all Epsilen members

Student Accounts in Project Share: It’s Time!

As promised, this week TEA opened the Epsilen tools in the Project Share initiative for student enrollment. We received some supporting information at the Service Centers to help with question and answers, but the recent “To the Administrator Addressed” (TAA) letter that was sent directly to school district leaders has the best explanation of this important next step.

Project Share Student Accounts: Steps Forward

Hello everyone. As you patiently wait on more information to come down concerning the addition of your students to Project Share/Epsilen, I wanted to give you this update.  I was recently informed that TEA is hosting a session for those of us at the Service Centers to learn what we need to know to get […]

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