TexQuest Training

Region 13 is excited to offer a TexQuest Learning Conference in Austin this summer!  This FREE session (register here) is open to all participating TexQuest district staff: librarians, teachers, instructional coaches, instructional technologists, curriculum leaders, and more!

Professional Collection Resources

Happy New Year Region 13 Librarians and Library Supporters!

As you are working on book orders this spring, please keep in mind the following products that would be a fantastic addition to your professional collection. All of these items were designed by Region 13 education specialists with Texas-specific standards, processes, and best practices in mind. You can find them and many more professional resources in the Region 13 Product Store.




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Adventure Boards is a classroom set of storyboards paired with literary concept-building icons on which students create and recreate literary texts. The instructional components facilitate the reading and writing connection through annotation of mentor pieces and adventurous plot construction using the basic and optional icons in the set.





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Administrators can use this flipchart during goal-setting, pre-conference, and/or post-conference meetings with teachers to connect T-TESS (Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System) domains and dimensions. You can also take this with you for classroom observations. Teachers can use the flipchart as a handy reference, too.





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If you facilitate professional development for administrators and/or instructional coaches, this is just the tool you need to help build expertise while keeping your teams engaged.

TexQuest/Britannica School Training

Region 13 will host Britannica School on November 8, 2017 for a FREE training for all TexQuest subscribers.

This interactive session will cover how Britannica School resources can be used to accommodate all students, and will specifically focus in on supports for SPED and ELL students.

Topics covered will include:

  • Supplemental material, correlated to the TEKS, to support curriculum and differentiation
  • Text to Speech features
  • Translations  for multiple languages
  • Searches by content level and lexile level
  • Simultaneous access to full text E-books
  • Persistent links to articles and searches to share with students and parents
  • Topic lists by content area
  • Graphic organizers

Please bring a wifi connected device, your charger, and your district TexQuest/Brittanica login.  Register for this session via our Region 13 eCampus system.

Library Resource Roundup

Join area librarians in San Antonio on September 22, 2017 for the 24th annual Region 20 Library Resource Roundup!







This year’s keynote speaker will be Jeff Zentner, author of The Serpent King and Goodbye Days. We will also be joined by Curtis Jobling, author of Max Helsing and the Thirteenth Curse, and the Book Whisperer herself, Donalyn Miller.

For more information or to register for the Roundup, see the official Region 20 Library Resource Roundup information page.

Library Leadership and TexQuest PD Opportunities

Library Leadership Co-op

The Region 20 Library Leadership Co-op is a powerful PD opportunity for librarians looking to enhance their leadership capacity. Co-op members participate in eight sessions (at Region 20 in San Antonio) focused on strategic planning, relationship building, coaching, communication, innovation, and more.

When asked to describe the co-op, one participant said: “A way for you to reflectively think about how you approach your role as a librarian and how to take constructive criticism and be better than you ever were before.” Another participant said: “Great atmosphere. Comfortable environment where you can talk about things you might not want to with others.”

When asked about how participation in the co-op impacted their practice, one participant said: “It has made me a better advocate for myself and the library program at my school. It has improved the relationship I have with my Principal and how I work with the teachers on my campus.”

For more information please see the Library Leadership Co-op information page.



TexQuest districts, please plan to join us at Region 13 on June 19 for our first ever TexQuest Mini-Conference!  This is a FREE PD event offered for all TexQuest subscriber districts, and is open to librarians as well as any district staff implementing TexQuest in a classroom setting.

Spring & Summer PD for Librarians

Don’t miss these Library PD opportunities coming up at Region 13 this spring and summer!

TexQuest Mini Conference

June 19 – FREE

The TexQuest Mini Conference is designed to help K-12 educators get to know the TexQuest resources and learn about best practice for implementation in your district, school, and/or classroom. The Mini Conference is free for TexQuest subscriber districts.


Science Book Frenzy Workshops

Book Frenzy workshops prepare elementary educators to dive deeper into children’s literature to connect content area skills with literacy skills.

Spring Reading for Pre K-2

April 11, 2017 – $85

Owls, Wolves, and Other Wild Things

June 7, 2017 – $85

Soil, Seeds, and Slithery Things

June 30, 2017 – $85

Teacher Day@TLA

On Friday, April 21, 2017, 100 classroom teachers will have the opportunity to learn more about the value of teacher/librarian collaboration through specially designed activities, including conference sessions, guest speakers, and other engaging activities during a one-day special event during the TLA conference.

For $155, Teacher Day@TLA attendees will receive:

  • full conference registration,
  • attendance at a special invitation-only breakfast with their sponsoring librarian,
  • special activities on Friday, and
  • a one-year membership to TLA

The focus of this program is for classroom teachers who experience a TLA conference, to return to their districts as library advocates and collaborators  – and perhaps become librarians themselves.

To apply or get additional information, visit the Teacher Day@TLA website.

MakerSpace Workshop at Region 13

If you’re looking for ways to get started with a MakerSpace in your library, let Region 13 help!

Click image for workshop information

Click image for workshop information

Cost: $130

Registration fee includes a free copy of the Region 13 book: Teach Me to MakerHappen: An Educator’s Guide to MakerSpace in the Classroom

Click the image above for more information and to register, or register here via our Region 13 eCampus system.

Library PD Opportunities

Join us at Region 13 for these learning opportunities in support of your library program!

Instructional Strategies for Digital Learners: A Discovery Education Make and Take Workshop (FA1635418)

November 17, 2016

Discovery Education has heard the SOS call for impactful and ready-to-implement strategies to engage students with digital content. In this workshop, we’ll dig into the Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series. These creative, research-based instructional strategies for incorporating digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways are presented by teachers for teachers. Explore ways to activate student learning in engaging ways and get hands-on work time to plan and share implementation ideas.

COST:  Free for Discovery Education subscriber districts

Register HERE


MakerHappen 2016 (FA1634456)

November 18, 2016

Come and make it! Let us introduce you to making the Maker 13 way. Our philosophy takes the Maker Movement and gives teachers the tools to MakerHappen.  Your Space need not be defined by the tools inside, but by what it enables… making! So, don’t let big budget materials, lack of programming, or large organizational issues hold you back. Come make, and let us show you how together, we can MakerHappen.

COST: $130 (Includes copy of the Region 13 first edition  MakerHappen manual)

Register HERE


Book Frenzy: Winter Reading for PreK-2 (FA1634906)

December 1, 2016

A Book Frenzy is designed to help elementary teachers and librarians explore a variety of content objectives and literacy skills using picture books. During these workshops we will showcase a collection of activities and strategies that teachers can use with picture books from their school libraries and classrooms.

Book Frenzy: Elementary PreK-2 Winter Books Edition explores some of our favorite winter-themed picture books and connects them to TEKS-aligned seasonal studies!

COST: $85

Register HERE

Central Texas Battle of the Books

Central Texas Battle of the Books will be hosting a competition for middle school students on April 13, 2017!  To register your team or to get more information, please visit the Central Texas Battle of the Books website.