Genius Hour: Consider the Possibilities

Librarians are well versed in helping kids “learn how to learn”. We work daily to build students’ independence by teaching them how to locate reliable, credible resources to match their information or entertainment needs.

The Genius Hour movement extends this information search into the classroom. In a nutshell, a Genius Hour program gives students an allocated amount of time during the school day to investigate topics of their choice. The prevalence of technology in today’s classrooms (1:1 programs, BYOD implementations, mobile carts of shared devices, etc.) facilitates the implementation of Genius Hour, and provides a fantastic opportunity for librarians to share their knowledge, resources, and expertise with both teachers and students.

Come learn more about Genius Hour at our November 10 BYOD workshop Implementing Genius Hour in Any Classroom (FA1532082; $85) where we will

  • explore the academic and student engagement benefits of implementing Genius Hour in any classroom
  • examine the steps necessary to get Genius Hour up and running
  • participate in our own Genius Hour during the session

To register for this workshop, please visit our Region 13 eCampus system.  If you have questions please contact Leslie Barrett at


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