Library Leadership and TexQuest PD Opportunities

Library Leadership Co-op

The Region 20 Library Leadership Co-op is a powerful PD opportunity for librarians looking to enhance their leadership capacity. Co-op members participate in eight sessions (at Region 20 in San Antonio) focused on strategic planning, relationship building, coaching, communication, innovation, and more.

When asked to describe the co-op, one participant said: “A way for you to reflectively think about how you approach your role as a librarian and how to take constructive criticism and be better than you ever were before.” Another participant said: “Great atmosphere. Comfortable environment where you can talk about things you might not want to with others.”

When asked about how participation in the co-op impacted their practice, one participant said: “It has made me a better advocate for myself and the library program at my school. It has improved the relationship I have with my Principal and how I work with the teachers on my campus.”

For more information please see the Library Leadership Co-op information page.



TexQuest districts, please plan to join us at Region 13 on June 19 for our first ever TexQuest Mini-Conference!  This is a FREE PD event offered for all TexQuest subscriber districts, and is open to librarians as well as any district staff implementing TexQuest in a classroom setting.

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