2018 Region 13 ESC WeTeach_CS Computer Science Grant Open for Applications

Region 13 ESC WeTeach_CS has been fully funded for round 2  by TEA. We are currently seeking at least 20 teachers who wish to become certified to teach computer science and attempt the CS exam. In addition we are seeking at least 10 already certified teachers to serve as mentor and to receive additional support at they teach CS or prepare to teach CS.

Participants will receive FREE training, tools and resources. For more information check out our guidelines at https://tinyurl.com/WeTeach-CS-ESC13https://tinyurl.com/WeTeach-CS-ESC13

To apply go to https://tinyurl.com/ESC13WTCS-Application

Applicants will be notified by email if they have been accepted by January 26th.  For additional questions please email Susan.Hemphill@esc13.txed.net.

2018 Events in Mathematics at Region 13

The Region 13 Math Team would like to wish you a restful winter break!  We are very excited about several upcoming events in early 2018 that we hope are on your radar.

January 15, 2018 Secondary Math Distinguished Speaker – Pam Harris

Pam Harris is currently teaching at Texas State University and is the author of several books.  She is nationally known for her work with secondary numeracy at will be joining us for a day of Secondary Math Strings.  She believes that the sequence of activities is as important as the activities themselves.  Math class should be an activity of construction mathematical ideas as they arise out of real-world situations.

Her website is http://www.mathisfigureoutable.com/.

February 6, 2018 Math Workstations that Work! with Kim Sutton

Come and experience a new and exciting workshop utilizing Kim Sutton’s materials for creating workstations that challenge and practice the mathematics that today’s students need!  Kim Sutton will share her motivating style of music, games, activities and quality children’s literature for  selling the sizzle of meaningful mathematics.  Come prepared with scissors, markers, stapler, an individual hole punch and scotch tape to maximize this experience!  You will love the new ideas that will entice even your most reluctant math students.

Kim is known for sharing many classroom management ideas throughout the day.  Get prepared for a great day with Kim Sutton!

February 24th  Mid-Winter Math and Science Camp

Join us for this Saturday mini-conference featuring a variety of sessions for K-12 Math and Science.  We are currently seeking speaker and vendor proposals.  Registration for this day of learning will be open early in 2018, so watch our twitter and this blog.  This event will be $45 and includes lunch and the opportunity to win some cool door prizes.

All the best in 2018!

Susan Hemphill and Tanya Vacula

Mathematical Mindsets, lessons from a book study with teachers

In the midst of all the back to school action 21 brave Math teachers and coaches joined together to do an online book study, now 4+ weeks into the school year we are wrapping things up.  This was our second and largest group to participate in reading Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets book, and the outcomes have been inspirational.  We have read other books but something about Boaler’s book connects to everyone and their experiences, and pushes us to think about our teaching practices and improving upon them.  With permission we share a few closing quotes from some of our fabulous Region 13 area Math teachers.

“My favorite part of this book was the focus on allowing students to fail forward. A quote in this chapter that stood out to me in relation to this was, “There is always some logic in students’ thinking, and it is good to find it, not so that we avoid the failure idea, but so that we honor students’ thinking.” We need to be willing to see the why behind students’ mistakes to connect with their thinking before we try to guide them to a new approach.”  Tara Burgess, Instructional Coach Farley MS Hutto ISD

“The best part of this book was that it opened my mind to seeing math as more of an art than as a procedural thing. I have started to open my way of thinking to see that not all students have to follow the “steps” to be successful. I need to be open to getting them to think more than to just have them know the steps.”  Jason Henke, 8th Grade Math, Wallace MS, Hays CISD

“I really enjoyed reading this book a more than I originally anticipated. It spoke in very practical terms and the overall arching message was one that I could connect with. It has inspired me to reach my students on a deeper level by constantly instilling in them aspects of the growth mindset. I’ve learned to be more vulnerable with them and to take more chances to help them to connect with the content. As the book mentioned, we live in a society where it is socially acceptable to say “I’m not good at math.” We’ve all heard this statement multiple times and so it’s to no surprise that the US is behind so many on other nations in student achievement in math. This book inspired me to do my part to change this paradigm by getting students out of the fixed mind set and to accept the truth of the growth mindset.”  Max Hargrove, 7th Grade Math, Hopewell MS, Round Rock ISD

“I am going to try to value depth more than speed this year. It’s not that I really care how fast kids can do their work. I don’t, because I am not someone who does math quickly. It’s just that with the time constraints of a 45 minute class period, I tend to let the kids answer that do math quickly. I’m not good at allowing for extra wait time, because I need to get through the lesson. Not sure how this will work yet, but I will try.”  Cortney Strickland, Algebra I Lexington HS, Lexington ISD

“It has been four weeks since school has started, and I have noticed that my students are more attentive to their peers as they ask questions or share their learning. They are getting better at communicating mathematically and helping those who are unable to. They realize that they share a common goal: to learn together. This book has really help put that mindset into place in my classroom. Thank you Boaler for the book!”  Krystal Nguyen, 8th Math and Algebra I, Walsh MS, Round Rock ISD

“I need to show the students more of the value of depth over speed. I also need to teach with cool technology and manipulatives. Last year I was in 7th grade and kept thinking, they used manipulatives last year, they should be drawing and moving to algorithms, but I kept realizing later how they could have done something better with the manipulative.”  Heather Bristol, 7th Grade Math, Covington MS, Austin ISD

“It’s all about the attitude and processes that student can apply to solve a problem. It is not necessary that they have to be successful, but there is plenty of learning that happens in not being successful also. It is the effort and motivation to succeed that matters. Learning math and life is very similar according to me. It’s just one problem-solving scenario after the other. You try, you fail, you learn and try again and you might succeed.”  Jharna Bhatt, 8th Math and Algebra I, Walsh MS, Round Rock ISD


Using the TEA Math Vertical Alignment to Analyze STAAR Items

Have you ever thought of pairing a vertical alignment tool with a conversation around analyzing a STAAR item?  At our upcoming STAAR Target workshops for Math we will do just that very thing.  The goal is to take a close look not only at the prerequisite skills but also to look what comes next in development of the TEKS.  The conversations around this process will lead us into deeper discussions about differentiation within instruction as well as help us plan for interventions.

We will also be exploring tools and resources and experiencing some classroom activities to help our two lowest performing reporting categories for each grade.

There is still plenty of room to join us!  Click the links below for more information and to register.

Math STAAR Target Grade 7  Tuesday September26th

Math STAAR Target Grade 6 Thursday September 28th

Project Based Learning, Teaching and Learning Statistics and more… Join us this fall for Secondary Math Professional Learning Opportunities at Region 13!

All secondary Math workshops for the fall are open and ready for registration!  Come join us for some professional learning, new this fall include Project Based Learning in Math and Teaching and Learning Statistics.  We also have revamped and updated our Math STAAR Target workshops to include new resources and tools around the recently released 2017 Math STAAR.

Fall 2017 Math Flyer

Does your campus/district need other professional learning?  Here’s a list of some of our past PD that we can bring to you.

Exciting Fall in Elementary Mathematics!

You won’t want to miss the exiting opportunities in Elementary Math this Fall at Region 13! We hope you will take advantage of many new workshop choices and our outstanding distinguished speaker, Marcy Cook. Mark your calendars now for November 2nd . You don’t want to miss a day with Marcy!

Have a great 2017-2018 school year!

Click Here to see the Fall Flyer

Welcome Back Math Leaders!

On Sept. 7th we will hold our first Math Leadership meeting here at Region 13! To register, log in to E-campus and enter workshop ID FA1736575. While you are in E-campus please verify your information.

To help us better serve your math needs, please complete the following short survey.

In case you missed it, the released items from the 2017 STAAR are now posted here.

The CAMT 2017 TEA Curriculum Update is attached for your convenience. Let us know if you have any questions.

Math – CAMT 2017 (TEA Curriculum Update)

The Skills That Matter – Teaching Self-Regulation

Students need to be prepared with the skills that matter for success in life after high school. This session will describe how to impact students’ success by teaching self-regulation within middle and high school courses, in addition to supports such as counseling, special education and career education. By incorporating self-regulation into instruction, teachers have found that students engage more, increase homework completion, and achieve higher levels of proficiency. Drs. Pattie Noonan and Amy Gaumer Erickson will provide an overview of the College and Career Competency Framework and a professional resource to assist with implementation of an instructional plan.

Registration is available at eCampus: http://ecampus.esc13.net
Workshop ID: SU1737816

For more information contact:
Elizabeth Danner

SB826 – Sequencing of HS Math Courses

Did you know…

The governor signed SB826 regarding removing sequencing of Algebra I and Geometry before 3rd year credit of mathematics. Note, it is effective beginning the 17-18 school year. This means, there is no sequencing defined for the 17-18 school year.

We realize this brings up more questions with regards to next school year and students who have taken, are taking or enrolled to take courses.  We await further details from TEA and encourage all Math leaders to join the TEA updates and attend TEA face to face meetings at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, CAMT, in Fort Worth.

Sign up for TEA updates at https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXTEA/subscriber/new

Cognitively Guided Instruction – CGI!

Join us June 13-16 for Cognitively Guided Instruction for K-2 teachers, there are a few spots left!  We are excited to have a national trainer Dr. Olly Steinthorsdottir leading our training.  This unique opportunity provides 7 days of PD, starting with 4 this summer and 3 days next school year.  Due to generous support from the Texas Regional Collaboratives we are able to offer these 7 days of training for a total of $200 per teacher.  For more details login to our Ecampus at:


Type in workshop code SU1736496