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Technology in a 1st Grade Classroom

I came across this blog today and found myself spending well over an hour reading all the posts and watching all the videos. The blog is authored by a 1st grade teacher in Canada; her students share everything they do in class through pictures and videos that they post. The students use technology to Skype […]

TEA Update on STAAR

TEA has posted videos of Julie Guthrie, Director of Math and Science Assessments, delivering math updates at the TASM conference (Feb. 4 & 5). The video address the following: Overview – TEA STAAR Program Update STAAR Standards Phase-In Standards STARR Math Assessments Student Success on STAAR The videos can be found here:  

TEA Releases Curriculum Focal Points Document

TEA had released Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points for Kindergarten through grade 8 Mathematics. The focal points were developed in response to a call for more focused and coherent curricula in school mathematics. These focal points were based on standards presented in the NCTM (2000) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. In a similar manner, in 2009, Texas provided focal […]

Interested in Project Based Learning? T-STEM?

Region 13 has combined Project Based Learning and T-STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to help you develop effective and engaging lessosn for the classroom. This professional development opportunity is online and can be done at your convenience. 10 different modules are available, each one focusing on a specific component of STEM and PBL. Click on the link below to view specific course information and how […]