Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials for All Students during STAAR

With STAAR Assessments quickly approaching we wanted to share some information from TEA that could help improve students performance on the state assessments. TEA has recognized that teachers differentiate their classroom instruction and in response they have approved the use of certain strategies/practices that every student can use on the STAAR tests, these are referred to as the Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials (OTAPM’s).

Some of these strategies include:

  • being able to listen to music (no lyrics) through headphones,
  • using additional graph paper and/or scratch paper during testing,
  • being able to use a whiteboard,
  • on the 3rd grade STAAR the test administrator can read any part of the test to the student if requested by the student,
  • ear plugs that could help minimize distractions that could come from noises

Please read the complete document for more details and information. Also, please communicate with your campus administrator and test coordinator before you implement any of these strategies on STAAR.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, THESE PRACTICES SHOULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM ROUTINELY, THE STUDENT SHOULD HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH THE SPECIFIC MATERIAL OR PROCEDURE.

Link to TEA’s STAAR Accommodations page: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/accommodations/staar-telpas/

Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials document: Acc-OptTestAdminProc

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