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5 Strategies To Keep Students From Turning Off Their Brains

From To access the original article click here Dr. Judy Willis–resident brain investigator at Edutopia and TeachThought–is a neurologist turned educator whose work (much of which can be found on her own blog, focuses on the brain–how it works, and how teachers can respond. Her video below, produced by our friends at Edutopia, sees […]

Algebra Tiles Video Series: Additive Inverese Property

Check out our new video in the Algebra Tiles Video Series…

Think Through Math Training

Texas SUCCESS Year 2 Training November 21, 2013  at Region 13 FREE! Representatives from Istation Reading and Think Through Math will be here to take your Texas SUCCESS implementation to the next level.  See the attached flyer for session specifics including session prerequisites.  These training sessions will NOT cover Istation or TTM basics. Istation (both sessions […]

20 Ideas for Engaging Projects

From The start of the school year offers an ideal time to introduce students to project-based learning. By starting with engaging projects, you’ll grab their interest while establishing a solid foundation of important skills, such as knowing how to conduct research, engage experts, and collaborate with peers. In honor of Edutopia’s 20th anniversary, here […]

Teaching the New Math Standards – Personal Financial Literacy

Reserve your seats now! Teaching Personal Financial Literacy – one time opportunity November 7, 2013 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm) Workshop ID: FA1327159 Frequently Asked Questions: “What is Personal Financial Literacy?” “Why are we teaching PFL in Math?” “How do I teach these standards?” “What resources are available?” Come get the answers! Our first training […]

Manipulatives in the Math Classroom

We all know that students struggle with math. This shouldn’t be surprising since math can be a very abstract concept. “Manipulatives help students learn by allowing them to move from concrete experiences to abstract reasoning”  For example, we normally teach students that subtracting a negative value is the same as adding that same value; but we […]

Algebra Tiles Video Series

Here is the first video in our Algebra Tile Video Series.  During this series we will show you how to use Algebra tiles as a concrete tool that will support students as they learn how to add polynomials, subtract polynomials, and multiply polynomials as well as other topics. If you would like the opportunity to work […]

Interesting Read – Burnout? You Are Not Alone.

From ( As we relax into summer, and hopefully feel less pressure than we did during the school year, it’s a good time to check for signs of Teacher Burnout. When burnout hits, you tend to feel very lonely. You think that you are the only person dealing with these feelings, and you’re also […]

Change to ESTAR II Prerequisite

TEA provided the following clarification which allows for an ESC to waive the prerequisite requirement for ESTAR II: ESTAR I is a required prerequisite because ESTAR II builds on prior ESTAR training. Under limited circumstances, such as those listed below, it may be appropriate for an ESC to waive this requirement: 1. The participant has […]

The 10 Smartest Kids In The World (And The Crazy Math Problems They Can Solve)

From Business Insider Who are the most brilliant kids in the world?   How much would the world benefit if we could find out, and get those kids training from the best educators on the on the planet? Those are the question that Brilliant, a startup in Palo Alto, California, wants to find answers to. Brilliant […]