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A Resource for Understanding the New Math Standards

Fall of 2014 is quickly approaching. Are you ready for the implementation of the new math TEKS? Do you fully understand the meaning of your new standards? It’s one thing to understand the standards yourself, and quite another to understand how to teach it to students so that they will understand it. The math team […]

Algebra Tile Video Series: Adding Polynomails

Check out our latest Algebra Tiles video. Having students use Algebra tiles is a great way to help bridge the gap from concrete to abstract.

TEA seeks NCLB waiver amendment on 8th grade Algebra 1 testing

From TEA: AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Michael Williams has advised the U.S. Department of Education that the State of Texas is seeking to amend its conditional waiver of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) provisions. If granted, the requested amendment would specifically address the issue of multiple assessments for Texas students taking Algebra I at […]