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Guided Math with Dr. Nicki Newton!

Guided Math (K-2 )  October 16, 2014 – Workshop ID# FA1430239

Guided Math (3-5)   October 17, 2014 – Workshop ID# FA1430065

Limited seating available.

Dr. Nicki Newton has been an educator for more than 20 years, working in inner city schools on both the East and West Coasts with student populations ranging from pre-kindergarteners through doctoral students. She has worked on developing Math Workshop and Guided Math Institutes around the country. Most recently, she has been helping schools to integrate their state adopted mathematics standards and think deeply about how to teach these within a Math Workshop Model. Dr. Nicki works with teachers, coaches, and administrators to make math come alive by considering the powerful impact that a small-group learning structure can have on student achievement. The goal of Guided Math is for students to become proficient mathematical thinkers who have conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, strategic competence, adaptive reasoning, and mathematical confidence.

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