K-5 Click-On TEKS – Updated Versions

The Click-On TEKS for K-5 have been updated.  All those who have purchased this product will now have access to the updated versions (for free!) with newly released information as of December 2014.

The copyright has been updated to 2014 and there is a tag on the cover that states “Updated December 2014”. If you do not see these two indicators then you are working and planning with the old document.

These new files will be distributed through email on or before January 7, and will be sent directly to the person/s that placed the order. It will be up to that person to make sure that the updated versions are distributed appropriately. Please contact your administrator if you do not receive your new file/s.

Please direct your questions to the ESC 13 Product Store at: productstore@esc13.txed.net or call 512-919-5247


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