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Make-n-Take! Interactive Notebooking for Grades 3 and 4

Please join us for a make-n-take experience to create your own awesome interactive notebook. This TEKS based Mathematics notebook bundles TEKS by each reporting category and is designed to incorporate all of the major topics throughout your grade level. The notebook is organized around the information that students need for understanding a concept, but leaves […]

Elementary Educators: LOOK WHAT’S COMING YOUR WAY!

Elementary Math – Spring 2015

Spring is just around the corner. Please view the attached flyer to see the professional development opportunities that are available during the coming months. Remember to register early! K_5_Math_Flyer_Spring 2015 How can we help? If your campus or district has a specific need, please don’t hesitate to call the service center to request technical assistance […]

Information from TEA About Grades 3-8 Spring 2015 STAAR Testing

Since the new performance standards for grades 3–8 mathematics will not be determined prior to the release of the state accountability ratings, the 2015 state and federal accountability results will not be based on the new standards. For accountability purposes only, the state plans to establish a link between the spring 2015 STAAR grades 3–8 […]

Algebra Tiles Video Series: Additive Inverese Property

Check out our new video in the Algebra Tiles Video Series…

Interesting Read – Burnout? You Are Not Alone.

From ( As we relax into summer, and hopefully feel less pressure than we did during the school year, it’s a good time to check for signs of Teacher Burnout. When burnout hits, you tend to feel very lonely. You think that you are the only person dealing with these feelings, and you’re also […]

How to Make the Most Out of Parent-Teacher Conferences

From, for the original article click here. Script in Hand Come up with a script or checklist of things to discuss ahead of time, such as the student’s current percentages and strengths and weaknesses; your goals for the student; and any other concerns. It keeps things moving and prevents the parent from taking control […]

Youtube: My Favorite Teacher

Video: 5 Classroom Management Strategies to get Student Attention

Some good ideas for getting students attention.

Get Rid of Ads on Youtube

Many of us from time-to-time like to play videos from as a tool for student learning, however the ads that appear might not be appropriate for viewing in the classroom. Ad Block Plus is a free extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that eliminates the ads that appear before a video and under the […]