2017-2018 IDEA-B Supplemental Funds & MOE/Voluntary Reduction

From an email correspondence with the TEA Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting on July 19, 2018: The supplemental IDEA-B funds added to the 2017-2018 SPED Consolidated grant would be included in any calculation of the amount an LEA can voluntarily reduce its fiscal effort. For example: 2016-2017 Maximum Final IDEA-B entitlement of $100,000 2017-2018 Maximum […]

2017-2018 & 2018-2019 SPED Consolidated Grant Accounting Procedures

Directors have asked how the LEA will account for the two SPED Consolidated grants (2017-2018 and 2018-2019) available this year. Patty Golden, ESC13 Financial Consultant, described the way business managers will most likely handle this situation. Funds from both grants will be combined into one account in 923 (9 = 18-19 FY and 23 = […]

NEW Resource! Parent Guides from TEA

Strong family engagement in early childhood programs is central to promoting children’s healthy, intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development; preparing children for school; and supporting academic achievement in elementary school and beyond. One way to promote strong family engagement is to equip families with tools to enhance and extend their child’s learning. These Parent Guides have …

Rural School Districts See 24% Drop in Students Taking Algebra II

San Antonio (June 7, 2018) – The class of 2018 is the first to graduate under the new graduation requirements put in place in 2013 by the Texas legislature. Many advocates raised concerns that lowering graduation requirements could possibly affect college readiness and preparation. With funding from the Greater Texas Foundation, IDRA conducted a mixed method …

TED Tips: Revised Texas Transition and Employment Guide

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is an online resource. Legislative changes, as well as input from parents, students, and stakeholders will be added as they become available. This online guide will continually be updated. The July 2018 version is now available on the Transition in Texas website: www.transitionintexas.org This would be an excellent time for districts and […]

1 Neighborhood. 24 Kindergarten Classes. 40 Languages. (Some Miming Helps.)

Many of us have taught in, or visited a dual-language classroom in Texas where a common L1 (maybe Spanish or Vietnamese) is used in tandem with L2 (English). We have witnessed first language supported  English learning, and particularly in the lower grades, the rapid leaps students take in becoming multilingual. The appropriately trained teacher can …

10 Sheltered Instruction Strategies You Can Use This Fall

Our English Learners benefit from Sheltered Instruction because we embed English language acquisition in our content, right? How do we know which strategies are best suited to each lesson? Are we reaching all of our ELLs? What do we know about the proficiency levels of the ELLs in our classrooms? This half-day training was created to provide …

CCMR Student Listing Posted

The 2018 College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Student Listing is now available in the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) Accountability application. The CCMR Student Listing contains confidential student-level data that will be used to calculate the CCMR components … Continue reading

Sheltered Instruction: The Blueprint

This single day workshop is designed to equip and empower teachers who serve ELs from Kinder through 12th grade. Providing quality instruction to English Learners of various levels of language proficiency is no easy task. It requires that classroom teachers be adept at strategically linking academic vocabulary with content area instruction. Linking language and content …

TED Tips: New Online Courses at Transition in Texas

New online courses are available on the Transition in Texas website. These courses are available to the public at no cost. Course titles: Texas Transition Online (3 hours CPE) Texas Special Education Graduation Options Online (2 hours CPE) Texas Transition and Employment Guide Online (1 hour CPE) Please note that taking these courses will meet […]