Updated Prekindergarten Guidelines Now Available

Latest Developments:

In fall 2015, TEA established a 13-member review committee consisting of classroom teachers and administrators from early childhood programs in public schools and higher education faculty and researchers from across the state to participate in the revision of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

The Texas Education Agency has posted the new Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (updated 2015).

The updated guidelines will be implemented beginning with 2016-2017 school year.

Updated Revisions to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines include:

  • Aligned with kindergarten TEKS, particularly in mathematics (e.g., geometry and addition and subtraction) and language arts and reading

  • Replaced out-of-date references with more general references to technology

  • Updated to clarify outcomes and to reflect current research and best practices in early childhood education

  • Sequenced the outcomes to reflect a developmentally appropriate continuum of instruction and learning

  • Updated instructional strategies

  • Added more differentiated outcomes for English language learners

  • Moved personal safety and health skills from the science domain to Domain IX, Physical Development, and renamed the domain Physical Development and Health

  • Added more examples in Spanish and included developmental markers for teacher reference

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines (Updated 2015)






Are you ready for Spring?

Here are some ideas to keep your learning centers evolving around the theme of Spring:


“We have been working on the ‘Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere’ unit of study. The children are learning about oviparous animals. Friday morning was a very special Math activity day…all with eggs in mind. I first looked at the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and skills that Pre-K students needed to be working on. From that, I created the activities that you will see in the video,”  Gail Laubenthal.