High Quality Prekindergarten Grant, Implementation Guide

Since the start of the 2016-2017 school year, many High Quality Prekindergarten grantees have reached out to agency staff with questions regarding how to implement and meet the requirements within the grant.

TEA has just released the High Quality Prekindergarten Grant, 2016-2017 Implementation Guide.  As you read through the Guide you will find that this grant was designed to give school districts and charters flexibility in meeting the needs of their prekindergarten students while also setting standards for quality. The High Quality Prekindergarten Grant also gives you the ability to provide a high quality prekindergarten program that is tailored to meet your community and the unique needs of the children in your classrooms.

High Quality Prekindergarten Grant Implementation Guide

Please feel free to reach out to Region 13’s Early Childhood Team with any questions or concerns in implementing or meeting the requirements found within the grant.

Thank you for all the things you do for our Early Childhood Students!