Free Lunch and Learn Session: Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment


Join us for a FREE luncheon and introduction to the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment! Hear from TX-KEA developers at UTHealth and see the assessment in action while enjoying lunch compliments of the Children’s Learning Institute!

Participants will also have the opportunity to begin the enrollment process for free access to TX-KEA in fall 2017.

What is TX-KEA?

TX-KEA is a comprehensive, time-efficient kindergarten screener developed by child development and assessment experts at The University of Texas Health Science Center’s Children’s Learning Institute. TX-KEA’s purpose is to determine whether students have met specified developmental benchmarks and academic competencies upon kindergarten entry as outlined by state guidelines. Sophisticated reporting features allow educators to use TX-KEA’s data to drive instructional planning.

Learn more at!

Because TX-KEA was developed with federal and state funds, districts can access the screener and its reporting features at no cost.

Register for free at the address BELOW if you’d like to join us in person or through livestream. All administrators, specialists, and teachers are welcome to attend!

 TX-KEA Launch

See you soon!


Additional Educator Certification from TEA, Pre-K thru 3rd



The State Board for Educator Certification does not currently issue a standalone certification or endorsement for individuals to teach in early childhood education settings in public schools. A newly certified individual who wishes to teach prekindergarten thru 3rd grade must earn the Core Subjects: Early Childhood-Grade 6 certificate. An experienced educator who already holds an elementary certificate to teach Grades 1-6 or Grades 1-8, must also take and pass the entire Core Subjects: Early Childhood-Grade 6 exam for issuance of that certificate and eligibility to then teach in prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms.

TEA asked SBEC to consider an additional educator certification in for 3 primary reasons:

  1. Need to increase student achievement and outcomes in early grades
  2. Development of a comprehensive approach to improving student outcomes
  3. Ensure increased depth of educator prep within core competencies needed to teach in preK-3rd classroom

The Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, has set a goal of ensuring that our youngest students are capable of reading and doing mathematics at grade level by third grade because a strong foundation sets students on a path to academic success and helps prevent expensive tax-payer funded remediation later in life. With 3rd Grade STAAR Reading passing rates at approximately 70% and recommended rates at approximately 40%, addressing teacher qualification and certification opportunities is one strategic step towards improving outcomes across the state.


Stakeholder Input:

TEA is currently gathering input from stakeholders from across the education community including college students, current educators, superintendents, administrators, alternative certification programs, higher education and advocacy associations. Stakeholders wanting input can attend sessions hosted by their organizations, give input through a survey developed by TEA or testify at the March 3rd State Board of Educator Certification meeting.

To obtain information about meetings or sign up to testify, go to the SBEC page at


December 9,2016 SBEC discussed Item 9, the EC-3 Certification and moves forward with the opportunity
January 2017 Voluntary Statewide Survey to Stakeholders
January and February 2017 Stakeholder Meetings with Teachers, School Administrators, Human Resources, Boards, Educator Preparation Programs, Institutions of Higher Education, Alternative Certification and Business Organizations
March 3, 2017 SBEC presented with the findings of the survey and stakeholder meetings
Spring/Summer 2017 Development of Standards (if SBEC would like to pursue a preK-3rd Educator Certificate)