NEW Early Childhood Outcomes and PreKindergarten Guidelines Alignment

Updated with the Revised 2015 Texas PreKindergarten Guidelines!

Design your preschool instruction to align with the Texas Education Agency’s prekindergarten guidelines and early childhood outcomes.

This document aligns each prekindergarten guideline to one or more of the three early childhood outcomes. In addition, it suggests appropriate goals and interventions for children with learning differences.

For each outcome, a developmental continuum suggests ways that teachers can develop appropriate goals for children who are developmentally functioning below four-year-old expectations. This continuum includes foundational skills that will lead to expected three-year-old and four-year-old skills. The foundational skills can be used to provide a direct link to the prekindergarten guidelines and function as a starting point for students who are furthest from age-appropriate skill levels when they enter Early Childhood Special Education Programs.

This connection of the developmental continuum of skills to the prekindergarten guidelines will help educators design developmentally appropriate, individualized goals for their youngest learners, including students with disabilities, students learning English as a second language, and any child who may be at risk educationally.

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What is Rider 78?

Rider 78, was passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, 2017, and signed by Governor Abbott on June 12, 2017. Rider 78 ensures that state-funded prekindergarten programs implement high-quality prekindergarten consistent with the High-Quality Prekindergarten program requirements in Texas Education Code (TEC) §29.167 – 29.171 and consistent with the provisions of TEC Chapters 41 and 42.

These requirements include:

  • use of a curriculum aligned with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines
  • increased prekindergarten teacher training and/or qualifications
  • implementation of student progress monitoring
  • program evaluation
  • development of a family engagement plan

Rider 78 ensures that school districts spend 15% of the districts’ prekindergarten foundation school program (FSP) funding on High-Quality Prekindergarten programs over the period of the biennium. As an example, the TEA State Funding Division has calculated the 15% minimum to be allocated for High Quality Prekindergarten programs in the 2018-19 biennium based on the four-year-old prekindergarten half-day average daily attendance (ADA). Please see the calculation for your school district or charter school.

Some of you may already be familiar with the High Quality Pre-K requirements if you were a district that received House Bill 4 Grant money. Now those exact same requirements apply to ALL state funded Pre-K programs and the money source for these requirements is now FSP district funds.

For questions regarding Rider 78, please see the FAQ document  or contact us Erika Pozo  512-919-5478