Conscious Discipline: Navigating Lockdowns from a Teacher’s Perspective

Classroom teachers are charged with unique responsibilities, from physical protector to emotional caregiver for their students—all while experiencing their own fears and feelings. Listen as Kindergarten teacher Tiffany Taylor and 5th grade teacher Kristin Abel share helpful ways they prepare themselves and their students for active shooter and lockdown drills. Listen Now 

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6th Annual Adelante! Conference 2018 – Saturday, April 21, 2018

¡Adelante! is an educator­‐led conference focused on Bilingual/Dual Language education in Central Texas. This conference is a forum for educators to share their experiences with other educators, to disperse insight and innovations in teaching and learning that occur daily on campuses throughout the region, and to ignite conversations among educators about working with bilingual students, families, and communities.

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Teaching the young EL learner in PK/K: Strategies for Success

If you are a mainstream teaching trying to figure out how to offer language support to ELs, you are not alone! Many teachers around the country are working with ELs for the first time, and they have a lot of questions.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to support ELs’ language acquisition by adapting strategies already in use. These small things may make a big difference to ELs!

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Want to read a few strategies on how to support ELs? Check out the tips below or read the full article from Colorin Colorado

Create a language-rich environment.

English language learners will benefit from increased exposure to print and language. A print-rich environment will include access to books and reference materials, labels and posters, and student work on bulletin boards. Word walls are also a great support for ELLs, and may be organized around a number of concepts, including the alphabet and phonetic sounds, new vocabulary words, sight words, grammar rules, conversational phrases, and writing structures.

Support academic language development.

Academic language is the language that students need to succeed in school. It is different than social language, which many students acquire first. Often students are available to communicate effectively with teachers or peers in social settings, but struggle when it comes to textbooks, tests, assignments, or class presentations. There are a number of ways to support academic language development, such as previewing the text, teaching grammatical structures relevant to a particular content area (“greater than” and “less than” in math class), and showing how the targeted academic language is used in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Learn more in the following resources from Colorín Colorado: