Free Webinar | Make your classroom library a welcoming space!

Encourage a Love of Reading
Language, Literacy, Lounging, and Laughing: Rethink the Library

Monday, December 17, 2018 | 12:30 p.m. CT  – Recording will be available later

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In an early childhood setting, an effective Library area conveys the message that exciting things can happen when children engage with literature. As the hub of literacy learning, this often-underappreciated area can become a powerful ally as help children build important literacy skills. In the final webinar in our Encouraging a Love of Reading series, you’ll gain insights into working with what you have to design a welcoming space, make the most of your materials, and most importantly, interact with children in ways that not only support vocabulary, knowledge of print, and phonological awareness, but also instill in children a lifelong passion for reading as a source of enjoyment.

Presented by: Breeyn Mack
Senior Director, Teaching Strategies

Free 3-Part Webinar: Building Safety and Connection in Foster and Adoptive Families

*From the Conscious Discipline blog –

Across our country, there are thousands of children in the foster care system who need permanent family connections to carry them into adulthood. Conscious Discipline celebrates the countless families who say YES to foster care and adoption. Equally important is acknowledging the unique challenges that often accompany this choice.

Conscious Discipline is designed to create the safety and connection that children and adults need to build healthy relationships, solve problems and thrive. Safety and connection are especially important for children who have experienced trauma, a category that applies to all children who find themselves in foster care.

That’s why we’re introducing a FREE three-part webinar series titled Building Safety and Connection in Foster and Adoptive Families with Amy Speidel.

Amy is a Conscious Discipline Master Instructor as well as a foster and adoptive mother. She is passionate about supporting families as they navigate trauma and transition. Amy has decades of experience coaching parents and educators and is eager to share what she’s learned with you.

Over three video sessions, Amy shares stories, inspiration, and specific tips and examples that will help you deepen connection and emotional health in your family. Topics covered include helping children acclimate, teaching expectations and skills in a way that feels safe, providing structure, anticipating events that may be triggering, and managing big behaviors.

We’re hopeful that this resource will help you navigate the journey Amy describes as “complicated, messy, and completely worth it.”

As always, I wish you and your family well