Is It Time to Dump Calendar Time and Letter of the Week?

I know – calendar time and letter of the week is a tradition. It’s something you’ve always done. It’s something that you just never want to give up. Perhaps it’s time for you to read about what teachers are doing now and what experts say about making our time with our young students meaningful and developmentally appropriate.

Here is an excerpt from a teacher’s blog titled Say Goodbye to calendar time!  Click Here

Here is a little preview…. “I love what Amanda Morgan says in the Bam Radio Interview  when it comes to what is most important in the process of building a valuable morning greeting/circle time experience: “…an emphasis on meaningful language and having conversations with children because that is really important and one of the big building blocks of literacy that is more important than some of the rote activities that is common in many practices.” In regards to the length of morning greeting time Amanda states, “I don’t think we can put a number on it because it really does just need to be responsive to the children that we have in our group…”

Also, here is an interview to Heather Shumake, an advocate for free, unstructured play in homes and schools.

Here is a preview… “We’ve always done it this way is never ever ever a valid reason to continue practices that have no real value to the children. Trying to force such an adult concept such as time on the little ones makes no more sense than asking them to wear adult size shoes.”