STEAMing Questions – Dr Jean will be at Region 13 in 6 days!!

STEAM Principles – From Dr. Jean’s Website

A primary goal of STEAM is to help children develop critical thinking strategies. Critical thinking is open-ended, complex, and can have multiple responses.  It’s getting children to think independently and to think outside the box.

From the moment of birth children take in information, respond to information, use that information, and begin to think critically.  Children (and adults) use critical thinking every day!

When children solve problems… When children make comparisons… When children make decisions and think about the consequences… When children make connections… When children evaluate… They are developing critical thinking skills.

Educators and parents can nurture critical thinking skills in many ways.

Encourage curiosity.  Give children interesting materials, time to explore, and freedom.

Invite children to ask questions and evaluate how they could do something differently.

Encourage children to “think out loud.”  That will give you insight into where they are and where you need to lead them.

Provide opportunities for children to work with others and talk about ideas.


Model researching, reading, and other ways to gather information.

Demonstrate problem-solving skills with every day issues.  Talk about solutions and steps to take to solve those problems.

Respect children’s answers.  Judging or criticizing their responses will inhibit their creativity and unique perspective.

Ask WHAT questions. What happened?   What do you think will happen if…?  What would you do?   What will happen next…?

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What is STEAM?

Steam Principles – From Dr. Jean’s Website 

STEAM is a reflection of what we know from brain research and current trends in the field of education.

Active Learning – Teaching is what the teacher does.  Learning is what the student does!  Key elements of active learning include student activity and engagement in the learning process.  Students are not passive, but are “doing things” and are excited about learning.  The more senses you activate the more likely the message will get to the brain.

Interdisciplinary – There is a WHOLE child who needs to learn in the WHOLE way.  You can’t separate learning into little pieces, but you must connect reading and writing across the curriculum and challenge children to apply math, science, technology, and engineering skills in ways that are meaningful and integrated.

21st Century Skills – Cooperation, collaboration, communication, and creativity are the four “C’s” for skills children will need to be successful in the future.  STEAM provides real life experiences for children to develop those skills.

Inquiry Hour – This trend is based on Google’s Genius Hour where employees have time to focus on personal projects and interests.  Project based learning where children have choices, carry out learning activities, and then present results to classmates are compatible with goals of Inquiry Hour.

Intentional Teaching –  This means acting purposefully with a goal in mind. Intentional teachers set up activities and the environment so that students can accomplish those goals.
Note!  Many educators support incidental learning where children can explore and discover on their own. Intentional teaching is more focused and teacher-directed.  It’s important to balance both in the classroom.

Playful and Challenging – It’s critical to provide children with opportunities to learn and develop cognitive skills, but it also needs to be fun.  Play is a child’s work.

It is the PROCESS, not the PRODUCT, when children are engaged in STEAM activities!

We want children to THINK!


Want to learn more about how to support STEAM in your classroom?

Join us October 16th, 2018 

Workshop ID: FA1840293

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Full STEAM into the new school year with Dr. Jean – October 16th

Dr Jean is coming to Region 13!!

In this workshop you’ll explore what the letters in STEAM mean to you as an early childhood educator.  You’ll discover that you already know more than you think you know!  When you set up the learning environment with interesting, hands-on materials and encourage your students to ask questions and experiment you are STEAMing ahead!  Highlights will include:

*Firing up children’s brains

*Questioning strategies

*Science through the senses

*Every day technology in the classroom

*Engineering, designing, and building

*Hands-on math

*Integrating reading and writing with blank books

*Creative art projects

Workshop ID: FA1840293

$150 – Fee includes make and take materials and handout packet

Early Bird Discount Code – EARLYBIRD10 until September 30th, 2018 – Space is limited so sign up soon!

When: October 16, 2018

Where: Region 13