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House Bill 4 Update

We would like to share some highlights from a recent TETN in regards to House Bill 4. “Funding amounts are being finalized.  A per student amount is being calculated.  All district responses were received as of Friday, June 3rd. There are around 580 districts that will participate. An errata will be posted this week to […]

Early Childhood Summer PD Opportunities

TEA HB-4 Announcements & So Much More!

NEW from TEA: The High-Quality Prekindergarten Preliminary Estimates (PDF, 303KB) list identifies school districts and charter schools that applied for the high-quality prekindergarten grant and the corresponding funding estimates that districts and charter schools might expect to receive if all applicants are determined to be eligible for grant funding based on information provided in the grant […]

Interested in More Science Activities?

Are you a PreK-2 Teacher who would like to add more science ideas to your teacher toolbox? Mini-CAST has just what you’re looking for! Join us for the Central Texas mini-CAST— a one-day conference FOR Science Teachers BY Science Teachers! The day will be packed with sessions and options for science teachers of all grade […]

Supporting your Young English Language Learner

As a former Pre-K teacher I often struggled with meeting the needs of my English Language Learners (ELLs), mainly because I didn’t completely understand the resources provided to me. Over time, I came to the realization that while the curriculum and lesson planning  provided offered guidance on what to teach and when to teach it, […]

Laptops, smart boards, tablets, DigiPens, Oh My!

Are you using any or all of these in your classroom? Interested in learning more about integrating technology in the early childhood classroom? Come learn what technology tools are available and appropriate for young children, the “digital natives” entering our classrooms today. We will explore strategies for using technology to teach math, literacy, language, and […]