COMING SOON! Four Free Conscious Discipline Webinars

Starting November 13, Conscious Discipline will release one FREE webinar week for four weeks. Join some of their most requested Master Instructors for helpful topics available on-demand – anytime on any device.

Nov 13 – Guiding the Most Challenging Children With Master Instructor Jill Molli

Nov. 20 – Parent Cliffnotes for Conscious Discipline With Master Instructor Amy Speidel

Nov. 27 – Pt 1: Using Healthy Conflict to Teach With Master Instructor Jill Molli

Dec. 4 – Pt 2: Using Healthy Conflict to Teach With Master Instructor Jill Molli

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Want more Webinars?

Watch now – Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools with Master Instructor Jill Molli

Join Jill Molli for a high-level overview of the core tenants of Conscious Discipline that addresses the seven powers and skills, three core program components and success stories.


House Bill 4 Update


We would like to share some highlights from a recent TETN in regards to House Bill 4.

“Funding amounts are being finalized.  A per student amount is being calculated.  All district responses were received as of Friday, June 3rd.
There are around 580 districts that will participate. An errata will be posted this week to adjust the grant start date to June 15, 2016.
Funds can be spent upon receipt of NOGA.
If you would like to learn more about how the Early Childhood Team can support you in creating a high quality prekindergarten program please feel free to contact the Early Childhood Team!
Picture1Erika Pozo,  512-919-5478,
Aliza Rivera, 512-919-5183,
Trish Flores, 512-919-5116,




TEA HB-4 Announcements & So Much More!

NEW from TEA:

The High-Quality Prekindergarten Preliminary Estimates (PDF, 303KB) list identifies school districts and charter schools that applied for the high-quality prekindergarten grant and the corresponding funding estimates that districts and charter schools might expect to receive if all applicants are determined to be eligible for grant funding based on information provided in the grant applications. TEA staff is currently in the process of reviewing grant applications. Once all applications have been reviewed, those applicants determined to be eligible for grant funding will receive notification of updated funding amounts.

Come learn more about HB 4 during

our Early Childhood Leaders’ Meeting on

Thursday, April 21st from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.!

We will be featuring the following speakers and how their organizations can support district and campus initiatives:

BookSpring_Logo   Jill Gonzalez is the Director of Programs & Early Childhood from      BookSpring.  She will be providing us with more information on how to create a positive campus approach utilizing new strategies and ideas in sustaining family engagement year-round.


Amy Callaway, Outreach Coordinator, from Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center will be providing us with a more in-depth process in creating a safe district or campus environment for both students and school personnel when addressing student / family out-cries for help and understanding the process of when to create a report with CPS.


Register NOW! Space is limited!

Early Childhood Leaders Network–Spring 2016 (SP1631483)

See you soon!


Interested in More Science Activities?


Are you a PreK-2 Teacher who would like to add more science ideas to your teacher toolbox?

Mini-CAST has just what you’re looking for!

Join us for the Central Texas mini-CAST— a one-day conference FOR Science Teachers BY Science Teachers!

The day will be packed with sessions and options for
science teachers of all grade levels and disciplines to learn
practical information. You’ll discover lots of ideas to try
out in your own classroom.

And… we have PreK-2 sessions scheduled at every time slot
during the day!

Register through Region 13’s eCampus:

2016 Central Texas mini-CAST
(Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching)
1/30/2016                                  8:30-4:00

Questions? Contact

 MiniCAST Flyer

Supporting your Young English Language Learner

As a former Pre-K teacher I often struggled with meeting the needs of my English Language Learners (ELLs), mainly because I didn’t completely understand the resources provided to me. Over time, I came to the realization that while the curriculum and lesson planning  provided offered guidance on what to teach and when to teach it, it very rarely offered practical methods for how to teach it.  More specifically, I wanted to teach in a way that allowed me to maximize instructional time that met the needs of my students’ oral language development as well as provide relevant and purposeful learning opportunities that would support and foster my students’ English language development.

Are you feeling like I once was? Confused, stuck and looking for additional ideas and strategies that would help support the young learner into becoming more biliterate, bilingual and bicultural?

Then we have a workshop just for you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Teaching the young ELL learner in PK/K: Strategies for Success (SP1632270)

Hurry! Seats are filling fast. Registration ends on 1/08/2016 at 8:30 am.




Laptops, smart boards, tablets, DigiPens, Oh My!

Are you using any or all of these in your classroom? Interested in learning more about integrating technology in the early childhood classroom? Come learn what technology tools are available and appropriate for young children, the “digital natives” entering our classrooms today. We will explore strategies for using technology to teach math, literacy, language, and other curricular areas. Bring your laptop and/or tablet or borrow one from Region 13 and “play” with the latest apps and web 2.0 tools, which are aligned with the Pre-K Guidelines and Kindergarten TEKS. You will leave with access to an online wiki, rich with ideas you can take back to your classroom.

Register soon! Limited spots available.

Teachnology: Using Technology to Teach Young Children

December 10, 2015                         9:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Workshop # FA 1532263               $85