Free K-4 Science Academies

Do you like to play with magnets?  Need a place to show off your fabulous Crayon Art?

Sort various materials by conduction and insulation.

Come spend three days discovering how to teach your students the concepts of Force, Motion and Energy through engaging Tier I lessons that support all learners while collaborating with teachers from around the region.  We’ll explore forms of energy and how forces affect the motion of objects.

Science Academies are offered throughout the summer free through our TEKS PD grant.

Preregistration is required. Register for the session of your choice at using the Workshop ID Number below.  We may even be close to you or a good friend.

Workshop Date
Workshop Location
Workshop ID #
June 11-13
Johnson City
June 27-29
July 30 – Aug 1
New Braunfels
Aug 6-8
Region XIII
Waiting List available

Register now, workshops are starting to fill up!


The energy lesson called on students to identify and discuss how energy is important in everday life.  The force and motion lesson called on students to describe and predict the relationships between magents and the force they produce in everyday life.                   In the energy lessons, students explore different forms of energy in everyday life. In the force and motion lesson, students demonstrate and observe how forces can change an object's position and sho

Happy Summer Planning,

ESC Region XIII Science Team

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