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Clarification on TEKS Grade 8 – 11B

Several districts have had questions about the specificity of 8.11B which deals with organisms dependence on biotic and abiotic factors.  The question came up as to if mutualism and commensalism might be tested under this student expectation. TEA has provided clarification that yes, mutualism and commensalism are eligible for testing under 8.11B.   Thanks, Jenn […]

Working with Deaf Students in High School Science Classroom

If you are a high school teacher who works with, or may potentially work with, deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the regular science classroom this is a great workshop opportunity. Project Access: Science A workshop designed to help high school science teachers adapt their teaching style to foster better learning for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, […]

Manipulative Mania for the 3-8 Science Classroom

Manipulatives can be used to engage students in a lesson, explore content, review for STAAR, or as a formative assessment.  Manipulatives are great for differentiation and provide opportunities for RtI. This workshop will focus on manipulatives aligned to readiness and supporting TEKS for grades 3-8 Science. Electronic copies of all manipulatives used in class will […]

Follow a Scientific Expedition to South Alaska!!

I know this opportunity hits while many of you are out of school for the summer but what a great opportunity for a science club to meet mid Summer and get their science on!!  This is from Alison Mote, – please contact her directly with any questions. Greetings Fellow Educators! I will be sailing […]

Physics & Chemistry Teachers: Ideas for Teaching Modern Physics and Thermochemistry!

Feb 5th: Targeting the TEKS in High School Science – Chemistry: Thermochemistry ($75)   Feb 13: Targeting the TEKS in High School Science – Physics: Waves and Modern Physics ($75)   Come learn new, student centered ideas for teaching the SEs over these topics!  Workshops are held at the ESC and will include modeling of lessons […]