Chemistry EOC p. 2 Now Available ONLINE through Project Share!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the following Project Share course


ESC 13 Chemistry End-of-Course Success, Part 2 v1.0                                                                      

* This is the same workshop that is available face-to-face this summer in Georgetown ISD and Austin ISD.

Who:  Texas chemistry teachers, applicable instructional supervisors, and applicable ESL and special education teachers

When: 4/29/2013-10/30/2015

This course is:  Self- Paced


Joining an *Open Course in Project Share

  1. Visit the following URL
    1.                         On the left side navigation – bottom – click Join Course
    2. You will be prompted to log in to Epsilen.
    3. If at this point you don’t know your log in information, choose the “I did not receive my account activation email” from the options listed.  Enter your school e-mail and your credentials will be emailed to you within minutes.
    4.  If, after typing in your e-mail address, you are prompted that you don’t have an Epsilen account, contact your school Project Share administrator.
    5. If you have recently changed school districts please see page two of this document.
    6. You will be prompted for an “Access Code”

The access code for this course is:   ChemEOC2

7. On the next screen, verify your first and last name and then click “Join“.

8. The next screen ask you to read any messages.  Click “Continue”

9. Click on the Syllabus tool in the left-hand menu to learn about the various components associated with the course.

10. To exit a course and access other tools in Project Share, click Exit Course in the upper, right-hand corner.


Returning to your course at a future date

Once you have successfully registered, you will return frequently to the course to complete coursework.

  1. Log back in to Epsilen
  2. From the left navigation, choose “Learning”   then “Courses
  3. Listed will be all courses you are currently enrolled in.  Click a course title to enter the course.




Your account was created by your school district.  This is done ONE TIME and does NOT need to be recreated if you change locations.  The account created for you is yours for life and transfers with you from place to place.



Transfer your account to a new district 


  • Merge your account(s) in the event of duplication
  • Getting started with the main tools




Contact information:


Kristen Hillert

Education Specialist: Secondary Science

Academic Services




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