Valentine Science Activities

Are you looking for science activities to make February a fun and fabulous month? Try some of these Valentine’s Day Science Investigations!

  • On the Fun-a-Day blog they have a “What do you think will happen?” experiment with candy hearts. It places the conversation hearts in five different substances and the students hypothesis what will happen.
  • Steve Spangler Science provides four different experiments with popular candy given during Valentine’s day, from candy hearts to pop rocks to M&Ms.
  • On the Growing a Jeweled Rose they give step-by-step instructions on how to create colorful flowers.
  • Inspiration Laboratories provides a list of fun Valentine’s Day themed science experiments from Frozen Vinegar Hearts to  Valentine Potions.
  • We all remember doing Borax Crystals in school. Paging Fun Mums shows us how to grow Valentine inspired crystals.
  • Learning Through Play has a recipe for fun with this sensory Valentine’s slime!


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