Science Streamlining: Your Feedback is Needed!

The SBOE has posted proposed revisions to Science TEKS at the following link. They have NOT yet been posted on the TEA Science Streamlining page. The documents are listed under the title Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 112, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science, Subchapter A, Elementary, Subchapter B, Middle School, and Subchapter C, High School

The SBOE has specifically requested feedback regarding the amount of time needed to provide instruction in the proposed student expectations. Specific feedback related to the time needed to teach individual concepts would be helpful.

Please get this information out to all of your district science people ASAP.  Encourage them to submit feedback as this is an opportunity to have their voices heard.  Numbers matter – send individual feedback, even if that means 50 people copy and paste the same message; it makes a difference. Also, state board members are the only ones who can revise the language at the second reading.  There will not be any further committee revisions. Therefore, the board members are requesting that we tell them exactly what the language should say. 

  The email address for feedback is  Please be specific in the subject line.  Also, less is more in feedback; short, specific, and exact works best. State board members do not have staff, so they are the ones who have to sift through all of the feedback.  All board members do not have science background, so please consider keeping it simple to understand.

View the documents here:

Proposed Revisions_Elementary_3.1.17

Proposed Revisions_MS_3.1.17

Proposed Revisions_HS_3.1.17

Thanks for all you do!


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