Mark your Calendars for the Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, the moon will block out the sun and the sky will go dark in the middle of the day. There hasn’t been a total solar eclipse on the Continental United States since 1979.


Although Texas is not on the Path of Totality (the 70-mile wide track of the umbra or dark shadow of the moon), the state will experience an excellent partial solar eclipse – between 50%-85% of the sun will be blocked out by the moon, depending on location in the state. The highest level partial eclipse happens in the north easternmost of the state, on the border with Oklahoma. Resources are available for teachers across all grade levels and disciplines on teaching about the eclipse. A teacher toolkit is available at:


A teacher resource page is available at, and a link to a map is available at this site, which also has a link to subject matter experts who are available across the U.S.



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