A Night of Connections with Austin Museums


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The Bob Bullock Museum hosted a wonderful night of learning on October 1st with a symposium of local groups who all share a love of educating, across the city of Austin and surrounding areas on a daily basis.  Planned and sponsored by the Austin Museum Partnership, this night was a wonderful mix of connections for any teacher.  I floated from one area to the next with ‘aha’ moments of how experiences offered throughout the city could benefit many students and their own knowledge.

Inspiring a love for learning happens with both little moments and major events.  Each day students are enjoying the gift of social studies by coming to class and receiving snippets of time and reflecting on how each one connects to the larger picture of humanity.  The Night for Educators inspired me to think of the implications each museum has for the classroom.  It was wonderful to see such rich experiences available within the city for everyone.  A combination of art, science and history filled the Bullock Museum and the amazing resources available to both teachers and students made my heart smile.  Each museum had a connection to one of our social studies courses and as I collected documents, cards  and dates, I realized this was more than just one blog post but an opportunity to spot light each of museum and its connections to courses for teachers to have and share with students. As a transplant to Austin, I am eager to connect the wonderful historical landmarks and museums to the education that connects our students to the world around them.

***Please join me with collecting pictures and writing articles that could connect us all to the beauty and creativity of our state’s Capital and the surrounding areas.  Feel free to email me at courtney.webster@esc13.txed.net if you are interested in being a contributor to the Social Studies Central blog series, Making the Connections: Local Learning for the Classroom.    

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