2010 – 2011 Accommodations Manual Update

Each year TEA publishes a guidance document for campus/district/regional level personnel to access and use when “…selecting, providing, and evaluating the use of accommodations in instruction and assessment.” (2010.Accommodations Manual)

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The following are changes to Appendix D:  Supplemental Aids

Page 93 – 94: Mathematics-

(3) Addition charts may be used.

A list of words for the numbers 0-9 and the multiples of 10 up to 100 may be used.

(7) Pictorial models of real or play money, clocks, base-ten blocks, various types of counters, and algebra tiles may be used.

(12) Pictorial models of two and three-dimensional figures may be used and may be labeled with only words and/or variables that appear on the grade-appropriate mathematics chart (except for the name of a figure and its attributes) provided by TEA. For example, if a pictorial model of a triangle is used, labeling the base and height with the words and the variables b and h would be allowed because they appear on the mathematics chart, but identifying a vertex or a side would not be allowed.

(14) Blank graphic organizers may be used.

A description of the process needed to solve a problem was removed from Appendix D and now requires the submission and approval of an Accommodation Request Form.

Page 95: Reading/ELA- (reading selections)

Definitions of literary terms may no longer be used

(4) Blank graphic organizers may be used

Page 96: Writing/ELA-(open-ended reading items, written composition, & revising and editing section)

(5) Blank graphic organizers may be used

Page 97: Social Studies-

(4) New language regarding blank timelines has been inserted: “labeling cannot be text or pictures”

(6) Blank graphic organizers may be used

Page 98: Science-

(3) New language regarding graphics has been inserted:

(4) Addition charts may be used

(5) Multiplication charts may be used

(6) Blank graphic organizers may be used

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