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Do you have a green light classroom?

Dr. Rich Allen has spent the last 25 years helping teachers create engaging, effective, and exciting classrooms.  I recently interviewed Dr. Allen and he shared with me some practical tips and insights into how to get kids engaged and involved in the learning process.  Watch the interview below to learn how using simple movement, music, […]

IEP Questions & Answers

IEP development can sometimes become a complex and tricky process, especially since we are creating a plan around individual student needs and at the same time are trying to comply with federal regulations. I recently hosted an IEP Question and Answer session at the 2010 SELN Conference.  Below is a document containing the answers to […]

Intensive Intervention – The Way to Go?

The January 19th, 2010 issue of the ASHA Leader may have completely changed the way I think about SLP services in the schools.  In that issue, Drs. Ron Gillam and Diane Frome Loeb presented a study that has me rethinking the traditional model of schedule of services seen in many public schools today.  In the article, “Principles […]

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