Which test should they take?

Choosing the best statewide assessment for a student with a disability is a critical decision for every IEP team. Many different factors influence and support the choice of one statewide assessment over another, especially when the student may need to take an alternate assessment.  In some situations, the  federal 1% and 2% proficiency cap rule has been used as a decisive factor in assessment choice, rather than individualized student needs.

The Quick-Tip video below addresses why the 1% and 2% proficiency cap rule should never be used as a defining factor when choosing an alternate assessment for a student with a disability.  Instead, we need to use our knowledge of how the student is interacting and accessing their enrolled grade level content.

You can find further and more detailed information from TEA on assessment choice by following the links below.
TAKS Assessment Comparison Chart
TAKS-M Participation Requirements
TAKS-ALT Participation Requirements

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