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Stressed Out?? Here are some things to try

Changes in budgets, staffing, legislation, caseloads, leadership . . . all of these things can lead to stress.  While work stress is not uncommon for SLPs in the schools, in times of significant change, stress can become even greater.  Take a moment to look at the list below, and hopefully you will find some things […]

Communication Series: Open-Ended Questions

Disagreements can arise in any situation–at home or work. The key to problem solving is listening. And, the key to listening is effective questioning. All types of questions can be helpful when used purposefully. Open-ended questions are most effective at drawing out people’s ideas and concerns when beginning to problem solve. Watch our actors try […]

2011-2012 Special Education Assessment Options

The upcoming 2011-2012 school year will be a BIG transition year when it comes to statewide assessment options for students receiving special education services.  There will be different assessment options to choose from depending upon the subject area and grade level of the student. For example, as noted in a previous post, STAAR-Alternate will be […]

Literacy-Based Intervention- Where do I start?

I get a lot of questions from SLPs who want to provide intervention that is relevant to the classroom, but don’t know where to start.  My best first place to start is with structured shared storybook reading.  Language and literacy are absolutely linked, and addressing the development of children’s literacy skills will lead to language development […]

Creating A Master School Schedule ….

is like working a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. With  budget constraints looming over our heads, building a master school schedule becomes even more important than ever before.  A well planned master school schedule accompanied by thoughtful student placement can ensure that limited staff and resources are used in the most efficient ways possible.  This planning is […]

Make Questions Work for You

Disagreements at work? Problems at home? Misunderstandings at meetings? Use questions to help you listen more effectively.  Ask with intent so you get the type of information needed to prevent and solve problems. Tools to Start Using Now: Question Types Question Formats Open Questions Powerful Questions Resource: Facilitation Tips

Alternate Assessment Change for 2011-2012

The Texas Education Agency via TETN announced this morning that STAAR-Alternate will be the only assessment administered for students with significant cognitive disabilities beginning with the 2011-2012 school year. While TAKS, TAKS-A and TAKS-M will still be administered to students in grade 10 and 11, TAKS-Alt will NOT be available for 10th and 11th grade […]

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