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Communication Series: Using Neutral Language

Emotions run high when issues are near and dear to our hearts. As a listener or facilitator, you can help a speaker by using neutral language AND by summarizing using neutral language. Listen in as our novice facilitator receives coaching on this critical skill.  Think about how you can use this skill with colleagues, in meetings and […]

Course Codes for Modified Curriculum

The PEIMS C022 Table has been revised to include course codes (Service ID Codes) for students who need modified curriculum in courses linked to STAAR EOC (End of Course) assessments. Region XIII has created a document to help you review the new codes and their corresponding assessment. You can access the C022 Table here.

Language Impairment Eligibility: Which test should I use?

The current language eligibility guidelines provided by TSHA, and many districts across the state, consider students with a language disorder eligible for Speech Language Pathology services in the schools when their standard scores on a language battery fall 1.5 standard deviations below the mean.  This is consistent with eligibility criteria for many other states, as well […]

How Do I Interpret the Research I Read? What to Know about Effect Size

We all (at least vaguely) remember those statistics and research methods classes in which we learned about ANOVA, p values, and all of that other complicated statistical stuff.  At our SLP Hill Country Institute this week, Dr. Ron Gillam, from Utah State University, gave me a reminder of the one statistic to which we SHOULD […]

Inclusion Institute for Secondary Educators 2011

Many of us were able to escape Austin’s record breaking heatwave by attending the first annual Inclusion Institute for Secondary Educators at Education Service Center Region XIII on June 22, 2011.  We appreciate the contributions that all of our speakers made to making this day a great success especially Dr. Lisa Dieker and Dr. Kelly […]

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