STAAR Alternate Updates

The TEA has released new updates pertaining to STAAR Alternate.  Some of the highlights are listed below, but do access the full document by clicking here.

The highlights pertain to the STAAR Alternate training modules and End-of-Course enrollment and assessment.

The new STAAR Alternate training modules, 1-3, will be available on August 29, 2011 on their home training site.  The modules are more rigorous and you’ll only be allowed two opportunities to pass each module with 80% accuracy.  The recommendation is that you review each module carefully, review all of the information on every page, every roll over, every scroll bar… I think you get the point.  In other words, take your time and pass the test within your first couple of tries.  If a test administrator is unable to pass the modules after two different attempts, it will be up to the district to provide further supplemental support.

2. The TEA will not be hosting any face-to-face training sessions at your local ESC.  All of the training will be hosted online.  If you feel like you have additional training needs after completing the online modules, please don’t hesitate to call on our STAAR Alternate contact, Ann Jacobson, at or 512-919-5167.

3. A decision has been made about previously taken TAKS-ALT assessments in relation to End-of-Course assessments.  According to the TEA, high school students who have previously taken TAKS-Alt assessment will be given credit for their previous TAKS-Alt participation.  The table located on page three of this document, illustrates the specific participation credits by grade, content area, and assessment.

Please contact Ann Jacobson, at or 512-919-5167, with any of your STAAR Alternate questions.

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