Tips to Increasing Science Vocabulary Knowledge

The science classroom can be filled with many difficult words, representing complex concepts that are typically not a part of the student’s everyday experiences.  When you add a student with a processing and/or language-based disability, the need for further support and repeated exposure becomes a must.

Direct vocabulary instruction has repeatedly shown to be an effective strategy in helping struggling students learn those difficult terms.  That’s why we’ve decided to re-post a recent webinar we hosted with learning strategy specialist Dr. Kelly Grillo.  In the recorded webinar Dr. Grillo describes a variety of research-based instructional strategies and provides clear examples as to how they can be implemented into your classroom.

The webinar is accessible via our ecampus learning system.  Use the information below to register for the free workshop and to learn some new strategies to help increase your students’ science vocabulary knowledge.

Ecampus Log In:
Workshop Name: 
Increasing Science Content Vocabulary Knowledge: Recorded Webinar
Workshop Number:  FA1122827
Cost:  Free
Course Credit:  One Hour

If you use any of the strategies from the course, we’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

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