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Executive Function – What is it, and why do SLPs need to know about it?

According to Dawson and Guare(2010), Executive function refers to “high-level cognitive processes required to plan and direct activities, including task initiation and follow-through, working memory, sustained attention, performance monitoring, inhibition of impulses, and goal-directed behavior (p. vii).”  I had the opportunity this month to listen to Dr. Elaine Fletcher-Janzen talk about executive functioning and how […]

2011-2012 STAAR Accommodations Update #4

The STAAR Accommodation Triangle is the new organizational structure for assessment accommodations for students with disabilities.  This is a much different approach than the organizational structure for the past and current TAKS Accommodations. The TAKS accommodations are organized by the following four categories:  Presentation, Response, Setting, and Timing & Scheduling.  Even though all of the […]

FREE Webinar: Choosing the Right STAAR Assessment

SESSION FULL:  An archived recording will be posted soon after the live event. How can you be sure that your STAARs are aligned and each student will be taking the appropriate test? Join ESC XIII Education Specialist, Laura Abbott, for a 60 minute webinar as she reviews some practical techniques to ensure students receiving special […]

NEW Expert Interview with Jonathan Winn

How does a brand new teacher quit after his first two years because he was so miserable, to come back to create the most popular class on campus? Jonathan Winn, San Diego’s 2011 HS Teacher of the Year, did just that.  His passion for teaching was reignited by a fellow Algebra teacher; he studied, learned, […]

2011-2012 STAAR Accommodations Update #3

The following information will affect every educator and student on your campus.  Please be sure to share this Accommodations Update with everyone on your staff. One of the biggest changes to the statewide accommodations system is the new Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials document.  This document describes eleven procedures and materials that may be […]

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