2011-2012 STAAR Accommodations Update #3

The following information will affect every educator and student on your campus.  Please be sure to share this Accommodations Update with everyone on your staff.

One of the biggest changes to the statewide accommodations system is the new Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials document.  This document describes eleven procedures and materials that may be used during the STAAR, STAAR Spanish, STAAR Modified, STAAR L, and TELPAS statewide assessments.  These optional procedures and materials may be provided to any student who needs them, based on his or her needs.  The following list of the eleven procedures and materials will include some supports that have previously been considered accommodations.

Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials for Any Student

  1. Preferential seating
  2. Signing test administration directions OR translating test administration directions
  3. Reading the test aloud to self
  4. Scratch paper or another workspace
  5. Reading assistance on the grade 3 mathematics test
  6. Read aloud the writing prompt, except for the English III analytical prompt
  7. Minimizing distractions
  8. Colored overlays
  9. Magnifying devices
  10. Blank place markers
  11. Highlighters or colored pencils

Decisions and Documentation
The decision to provide a student any of the above options should be made by the appropriate student decision team at the campus level.  The table below illustrates the appropriate student decision team that will determine the appropriate optional procedures and materials for a particular student and where the decision should be documented.

Student Committee/Team Documentation
A student receiving special education services ARD Committee IEP
A student receiving section 504 services Section 504 Placement Committee IAP
A student not receiving sped or 504 services RTI or Campus Level Team Determined at the local level

6 Critical Highlights

  1. Many of these procedures and materials were previously considered accommodations.
  2. These eleven options were chosen due to their close relationship to instructional best practices.
  3. The use of these optional materials and procedures will NOT be recorded on the student’s answer document.
  4. They are available to any student who needs them.
  5. The student should have successful experience with the specific procedures and materials.
  6. Every educator needs to be aware of these new optional procedures and materials, as they are available to any student who needs them.

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