2011-2012 STAAR Accommodations Update #4

The STAAR Accommodation Triangle is the new organizational structure for assessment accommodations for students with disabilities.  This is a much different approach than the organizational structure for the past and current TAKS Accommodations.

The TAKS accommodations are organized by the following four categories:  Presentation, Response, Setting, and Timing & Scheduling.  Even though all of the current STAAR accommodations could also fit into the above TAKS accommodation categories, you will not find any mention of those four terms when it comes to STAAR.

The Triangle
All of the STAAR accommodations are classified into the following three types: Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.  The Accommodation Triangle organizes accommodations by type in accordance with the specificity of the eligibility criteria and the need for TEA approval.  As you move down the triangle, from top to bottom, the number of students eligible for each accommodation will shrink.  For example, a larger group of students will meet the eligibility requirements for the accommodations listed as a Type 1 or 2, as opposed to Type 3.

Accommodations by the Numbers & an ARF
There are four accommodations categorized as Type 1, eleven as Type 2, and four as Type 3.  It is also important to note that Type 1 and Type 2 accommodations do not require you to submit an Accommodation Request Form (ARF) for approval.  The submission of an ARF will only be required when a student will be using a Type 3 accommodation.

TEA’s Definition for Each Type
Type 1 Accommodations:  This type of accommodation is available for students who have a specific need and who routinely, independently, and effectively use the accommodation during classroom instruction and testing. It is not necessary to submit an Accommodation Request Form to TEA.

Type 2 Accommodations:  This type of accommodation includes the requirements of Type 1, along with additional specific eligibility criteria. It is not necessary to submit an Accommodation Request Form to TEA.

Type 3 Accommodations:  This type of accommodation requires the submission of an Accommodation Request Form to TEA. For accommodations listed in the Accommodation Triangle under Type 3, the appropriate team of people at the campus level (e.g., ARD committee, Section 504 placement committee, RTI team, student assistance team) determines whether the student meets all of the specific eligibility criteria and, if so, submits an Accommodation Request Form. Type 3 also contains accommodations that are listed as “Other,” which includes any accommodation that does not appear in the Accommodation Triangle.

For accommodations not listed in the Accommodation Triangle, an Accommodation Request Form must be submitted to TEA. The request must be approved by TEA before a student can use the accommodation on the statewide assessment. Any accommodation that requires the submission and approval of an Accommodation Request Form must be documented in the student’s paperwork as “pending TEA approval.”  Accommodation Request Forms must be received by TEA at least one week prior to testing to ensure enough time to process.  Requests sent after this deadline will NOT be processed.

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