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How to Use a Dictionary

Our most recent accommodations update post was all about the dictionary.  The dictionary can be a great tool to have at your disposal, but if the student is clueless on its purpose and its magical word finding powers, it becomes nothing more than another heavy book. So where should you start?  The first place to […]

2011-2012 STAAR Accommodations Update #6

The Dictionary The dictionary is now considered a type 2 accommodation aimed at helping students with disabilities to facilitate comprehension of unfamiliar words.  There are a few differences in how students with disabilities are able to use a dictionary on STAAR than previously allowed on TAKS. We’ve listed four of the major highlights below. Highlight […]

FREE Webinar: Spelling Type 2 Accommodation Tools

Join Nichole Kertis, our ESC Region XIII Assistive Technology specialist for a free webinar on Type 2 Accommodation technology tools for spelling. Participants will learn about some amazing free and commercial technology tools that provide text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word prediction, and other technological supports for struggling spellers. The exciting part about those amazing spelling tools is that […]

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