Bloom’s Taxonomy- School Ready Webinar

Please join us on April 11 and May 9.
If you are unable to join us on the dates above, registered participants will have access to an archived recording of the webinar.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a helpful tool that challenges us to increase the rigor of our instruction,  but it can also be difficult to integrate Bloom’s into our daily instruction. This training aims to make this complex tool more user friendly by providing real life examples through video vignettes.

In Part 1 and Part 2, we will follow a pre-k teacher as she demonstrates each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy using a traditional early childhood theme. You will be asked to reflect on the video examples and apply your learning by planning similar questions and experiences that relate to a different theme.

Because of their complexity, particular attention will be given to the following Bloom’s Taxonomy levels: Analyze, Evaluate, and Create.

For more information and to watch a quick introduction video, click here.

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  1. I am working on improving my use of Bloom`s Taxonomy in my Pre-K class. I saw on your blog that there was a Webinar and video offered about this. It was on April 11 and May 9th, 2012. How can I view the video of the Pre-K teacher using Bloom`s Taxonomy in her classroom? Will there be another Webinar offered about this during this school year (2012-13)? If so, how can I register for this? I need to know as soon as possible, as we are planning and budgeting for PD at the moment. Thanks, Karen

  2. Hi there,

    I’m very interested in watching the WEbinar on Bloom’s Taxonomy. How can I watch this webinar if I missed it?


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